Case Study: RCC Waterproofing

RCC Waterproofing is one of the oldest waterproofing firms in Ontario, with its base in Toronto and offering services throughout the province. In this era of digitalisation, they understand the importance of online reviews. These opinions are placed prominently on their service area and location pages, which lead to stars appearing in Google searches for terms like ‘Waterproofing Mississauga’, ‘Waterproofing Hamilton’ and ‘Waterproofing London’. This presence of stars and other content on all of their city pages helps in SEO, which is one of the reasons why their site is high up in search engines such as Google for queries like ‘Waterproofing Toronto’ and ‘Waterproofing Hamilton’. In addition to this, RCC’s listings on help to boost their Google rankings.

Website Design

We have been working with RCC Waterproofing for over 15 years and have designed and developed many websites for the business. We built the new RCC Waterproofing site with many location pages for various cities they serve across southern Ontario. This strategy is not only good for SEO and ranking on search engines for waterproofing in those cities, but also good for consumers who are looking for a company that understands the local area. Part of that is RCC’s large multi-category project gallery on the site where each project is tagged with a location to show the span of work completed across the province.

Top Rank Throughout Ontario

As mentioned above, we built RCC Waterproofing’s website with location specific pages to illustrate to customers that they service all of southern Ontario. Having unique city specific content on those location pages significantly helps to boost their rankings for Google searches related to waterproofing in those cities. RCC has recruited N49 for SEO on an ongoing basis so that we can stay on top of new trends and maintain their phenomenal rank. 

1000s of Online Reviews

Another reason that RCC ranks so well for so many cities is the fact that they have unique OPIO onsite review feeds on many of their locations pages. For example, on the London, Ontario city page on their site, they have a unique RCC Waterproofing London review feed where all of the reviews are from London with naturally occuring ‘waterproofing london’ keywords.

Featured N49 Listings

We recently rebuilt our directory to be more modernized and user friendly from our older style and of course RCC Waterproofing is featured prominently on the homepage as well as in their relevant cities. This acts as another way to drive leads as well as a good backlink opportunity for SEO.

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