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Home Services & Construction

Master your online presence and generate meaningful leads.

Web Design & Development

Let’s create a website as high quality and functional as the services you provide.  Make your services page your centerpiece with full width images and detailed descriptions to showcase the impact your services have.


Wanting to rebrand, RCC came to us for a re-design of a website we did for them several years ago.

Using RCC’s signature red hues, we designed a modern looking website that delivers relevant content to current and prospective customers. The new website appeals to both audiences, is informative, and stays true to RCC’s family centric approach to serving its customers.

We also continue to implement best onsite and offsite SEO practices so RCC defends their position of being ranked in the top three of Google for waterproofing keyword searches.

In 2003, Collaborative Structures Limited was set up as a business entity. They have been devoted to creating a team of experienced workers and recent graduates from Canadian universities with well-respected programs in construction. Collaborative Structures contacted N49 in search of a more modern and professional website to exhibit their huge, stunning pictures of their past projects. We designed them an attractive custom WordPress website with custom post types to make it easy for the customer to edit the content of the website.

Pine Valley Trim from Toronto wished to showcase their vast array of products to possible customers. Our work can be seen on their visually appealing custom WordPress website.

Northern Facility Management, previously known as Northern Lakes Landscaping, reached out to N49 to get a new website, re-brand their company, and change their primary services. This custom-made WordPress website includes pages with service descriptions, a gallery of photos that is divided into categories based on the services provided, and a page for customer reviews.

Search Engine Optimization

You may have a kickass SEO strategy but what good is it if it’s not properly maintained? In order to rank higher in search results and see a greater ROI, you need to continuously think out of the box and defend your position. We do that for you.

Dominate Google Search

To be the best in the home services and construction industry, your current and potential customers must easily be able to find you.

We’ve helped evolve the industry’s most iconic brands to the digital age’s changing styles and kept them trending on page one.

Control Your Local Presence

Let’s translate your business values to your online reputation with world-class quality and unsurpassed attention to detail. Just like what you dedicate to every step of your craft, we make sure all your business details are correct before we list you on all key Canadian directories.

N49 Exclusive Vertical Market Sites

We differentiate ourselves from our competition with our exclusive websites specific to the home services & construction industry. We open new doors, reach your target audience, and enhance your company’s credibility.

Reputation Management

Review Builder

Your online reputation matters for three reasons:

  1. It’s the best way for clients to thank you.
  2. It’s a good way to show your clients’ dissatisfaction in a manner that will positively impact your business and help potential clients make decisions about why they should hire you.
  3. It’s the best source of reliable, real client testimonials about the services you provide.

How can we help you?

We have worked with some great clients in the architecture & design sector and we would love to work with you!