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Food & Dining

Tantalize your customers and stay ahead of your industry.

Web Design & Development

To decide if it’s really worth the trip, you have to go there first. We help trendsetting Restaurants promise an experience worth sharing by designing a cozy and inviting website that captivates the alluring atmosphere of your restaurant.


Paese Ristorante has been around for over 25 years and has stayed true to its Italian roots while adding a made-in-Canada twist.

Paese worked with us to design and develop a fully responsive website to feature their menu, wine and events.

Pete’s Grill Food Truck, situated in Guelph, Ontario, required an updated website design for a more contemporary and convenient user experience that would help generate more business for the catering and event side of the food truck. This tailored WordPress website fulfills this purpose with its powerful events page with actionable buttons and a reviews page and photo gallery.

Uncle Tony’s is a vibrant Italian restaurant with traditional red-&-white tablecloths, offering pizza, pasta, and other Italian dishes. We designed a WordPress site for them with our OPIO review system so they can proudly display what their patrons are saying about them on the web directly on their website.

Search Engine Optimization

Integrated SEO wraps your business in a rich web of semantic relevance. Keyword strategy helps us know what people search for. A search-friendly website and best content optimization tactics help your customers decide you’re the restaurant they should dine at.

Dominate Google Search

We’ve helped evolve the industry’s most iconic restaurants to the digital age’s changing tastes and kept them on page one of Google.

Control Your Local Presence

Let’s translate your business values to your online reputation with world-class quality and unsurpassed attention to detail. Just like what you dedicate to every step of your customer service process, we make sure all your business details are correct before we list you on all key Canadian directories.

N49 Exclusive Vertical Market Sites

We differentiate ourselves from our competition with our exclusive websites specific to the food and dining industry. We open new doors, reach your target audience, and enhance your company’s credibility.

Reputation Management

Review Builder

Your online reputation matters for three reasons:

  1. It’s the best way for customers to thank you.
  2. It’s a good way to show your customers’ dissatisfaction in a manner that will positively impact your business and help potential customers make decisions about why they should hire you.
  3. It’s the best source of reliable, real customer testimonials about the services you provide.

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