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When it comes to customer reviews, XYZ Storage is ahead of their industry. With facilities in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, there is a unique review feed on each XYZ Storage’s locations page. This causes stars to appear on Google search results for Storage Toronto, Storage Scarborough and Storage Etobicoke. N49 built XYZ Storage’s new website alongside their rebranding/name change. The site itself is unique as it is one of the few self storage website’s where you can fully rent a self storage unit and even sign your lease. The addition of separate pages for each location has also had a great benefit on our search engine optimization efforts. Lastly, XYZ Storage has each facility featured on our website which helps to boost online presence.

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RCC Waterproofing is one of Ontario’s oldest waterproofing companies. Based in Toronto with service areas throughout Ontario, RCC recognizes the importance of online reviews in today’s digital age. Customer reviews are prominently displayed on their locations and service area pages. In turn, these onsite reviews cause stars to show up in Google results for the following search terms: Waterproofing Mississauga, Waterproofing Hamilton and Waterproofing London. Having the presence of stars and other unique content on all of their city location pages significantly helps with SEO and is part of the reason why the site ranks so well on search engines like Google for searches like ‘Waterproofing Toronto’ and ‘Waterproofing Hamilton’. RCC’s featured listings on also help boost their Google rankings.

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Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre came to N49 with an outdated website and wanted a site that better showcased the fantastic renovation projects. We worked with Oakville to build a custom designed WordPress website featuring large images to show their work to speak for itself. We also added an OPIO onsite review feed to their site to display and acquire their customer reviews. Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre also wanted to utilise our social media and SEO services. We have had great success on social media through posting on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok and Twitter. Through our SEO effort, we have solidified and increased the site’s ranking for various relevant keywords and we are always striving for more ways to improve. Given our breadth of online directories, we have also featured Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre on and

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N49 had built the Royal Ambassador’s website many years ago and it was time for an update. This new custom designed WordPress website does a great job of showing and feeling the elegance of the event centre. Royal Ambassador has many great event venues and facilities on the property and each venue has its own dedicated page on the website. This client has also done a great job with acquiring customer reviews of the event venue with our OPIO onsite review feed. We also featured the Royal Ambassador in our website which is a great backlink in itself boosting SEO.

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Babayan’s is a local Toronto rug and carpet cleaning company that has been in business for over 100 years. The previous website was quite outdated so Babayan’s came to N49 for a new website to help bring in more new customers and improve their online presence. This new website features a full size video in the homepage header that showcases the rug cleaning process in their facility. It also does a better job of illustrating and explaining the services they offer. We have worked with Babayan’s on search engine optimization for the site and have great success ranking for various neighbourhoods around Toronto with our neighbourhood location pages on the site. Along with using our onsite OPIO review feed, Babayan’s also enjoys a featured spot on our property.

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Denys Builds designs is a home renovation and heritage restoration company based in Ottawa, Ontario. N49 has worked with Denys for many years and having built their previous website, it made sense to work on a new revamped site. With the old site not being mobile friendly, we decided to go the custom built WordPress route to help bring new life to the business. This new website featured large images and a full multi-category project gallery to show the great renovation work Denys has done over the years. We have also been working with Denys on SEO to help improve the site’s ranking for renovations in Ottawa and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Denys is also featured in our directory as a place for customers to find him and the link is a good backlink for SEO.

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Self Stor is a four facility self storage company based in the GTA. They came to N49 initially having seen an OPIO review feed on another website and they wanted to learn more. We got them set up with 5 onsite OPIO review feeds; one for each facility page, and one on a dedicated review page displaying all of their reviews in one feed. Additionally, having been frustrated with their current website maintenance company, we took over and have been making various updates to the site to improve the user experience/interface. We have also been working with Self Stor on search engine optimization to help improve the site’s ranking for various relevant keywords. Furthermore, Self Stor enjoys a top spot on our website in North York.

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Wynn Fitness is a leading fitness club in the health and fitness industry. With locations spread throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Wynn Fitness understands that online reviews build trust in their existing and potential clients. With customer reviews displayed on each location page on their website, the onsite reviews cause stars in Google results for Fitness Clubs Mississauga, Fitness Clubs Richmond Hill and Fitness Clubs Toronto West. Additionally, Wynn Fitness enjoys featured listings in their neighbourhoods on

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